Most of Walter UHL products like positioning systems, measurement microscopes, custom systems and even the software are based on this basic idea of modular components.

In 2000 we have taken over the hand driven measuring microscope VMM series from Leica. Now we produce and distribute these instruments under our brand. We are the last german manufacturer who has a complete measurement microscope product range.

The low-load microhardness tester VMHT was also taken over from Leica in the year 2005. Now, further development is done continously by us.


تولید کننده میکرسکپ های تخصصی صنعتی برای اندازه گیری کلیه ابعاد به صورت کاملا اتوماتیک و نیمه اتوماتیک ، دستگاه های سختی سنج برای اندازه گیری
مقاومت انواع مواد به روش اندازه گیری  knop & Vickers

Geometrical Measurement, Straightness measurement, Hardness testing, Machine Centring Microscope, Mobile microscopes, Spinneret Inspection, Printing Drum Testing

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